• School of Visual Arts 1981


                  2005-present: Assignment photographer for RETNA

                  2005-present: Staff photography of Lehman College of Performing Arts Center

                  2005-present: New York based photographer for Hip-Hop Connection Magazine UK



                  2008: The Way of the BBoy

                  2007: NY 77 Blackout: VH1 Documentary

                  2007: Mambo to Hip Hop: director Henry Chalfant

                  2006: Yo Soy Boriqua: director Rosie Perez

                  2005: Just for Kicks: Bobbito Garcia



                  2008: VH1- 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs

                  2004-2007: VH1-Hip Hop Honors

                  2006: VH1- White Rapper Show

                  2006: And You Dont Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop with Bill Adler

                  2006: Blowing with Jamie Kennedy

                  2006: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction for Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five



                  2009: Vandals Squad by Joe Rodriquez on Powerhouse Books

                  2009: Its Just Begun-The Epic Journey of DJ Disco Wiz by Ivan Sanchez on Powerhouse Books

                  2008: Re-issue of Growing up Wild Style by Ivan Sanchez on Simon and Schuster (Cover)

                  2007: Born in the Bronx by Joe Conzo on Rizzoli Books

                  2007: Wild Style Sampler by Charlie Ahearn

                  2006: Total Chaos by Jeff Chang

                  • 2006: Vintage Rock T-shirts by Johan Kugelberg on Rizzoli Books

                  2005: Hip Hop Immortals on Sock Bandit Productions

                  2004: Yes Yes YAll by Charlie Ahearn and Jim Fricke

                  2004: Tito Puente: Drumming with the Mambo King by Tito Puente  and Jim Payne



                  • 2007: Bobby Sanabria: Big Band Urban Folktales on Jazz Head Records

                  • 2006: Big Apple Rappin on Soul Jazz Records

                  • 2005: Tito Puente: The complete RCA recordings



                  • 2008: Nominated as the Most Inspiring Latino on American Latino

                  • 2007: HBO New York Latino Film Festival: Featured photographer Award




                  • 2008: R16 with Jamel Shabazz: Suwon, S. Korea

                  • 2008: The Hustle at Powerhouse Arena: Brooklyn, NYC

                  • 2007: Joe Conzo and Janette Beckman windows of Powerhouse Gallery

                  • 2007: Fort Apache Connection at Hostos Community College

                  • 2006: No Sleep till Brooklyn at Powerhouse Arena

                  • 2006: That 70s Show

                  • 2005: Three the Hard Way with Jamel Shabazz and Ernie Panicoli: Jan Larson gallery, Brooklyn


                  • 2007: Born in the Bronx at the Home House in London

                  • 2006: Latin Jazz series at Hostos Community College

                  • 2006: Born in Bronx in Shibuya, Japan

                  • 2005: Born in the Bronx at the Vinyl Factory in London

                  • 2004: Hip Hop Roots Impact and Origins: Arturo Schomburg Library in Harlem


Press for Exhibit:

                  • 2005: Time Out Magazine (London)

                  • 2005: Esquire (London)

                   • 2005: Trace Magazine 

                  • 2005: Arena

                  • 2005: Dazed and Confused: Volume 11 #26


                  • 2008: Vibe Magazine: Photo Issue

                  • 2007: Superfly Magazine #8 (Rome, Italy) Cover and feature

                  • 2007: Brain Magazine (Buddy Esquire)

                  • 2006: Wax Poetics (Cool DJ Red Alertt)

                  • 2006: Wax Poetics (Kool Herc)

                  • 2005: Wax Poetics #13 (Back Cover)

                  • 2005: Latina Magazine (Hispanics in Hip-Hop)

                  • 2005: Vibrations Magazine (Europe) Feature on Joe Conzo

                  • 2005: Remix Magazine

                  • 2005: URB Magazine (Afrika Bambaataa)

                  • 2005: Fader Magazine (Hip Hop Untold Stories)

                  • 2004: Source Magazine (Cold Crush Brothers)